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Discounted mobile plans for university students

Talk unlimited troughout Hungary to all campus24 fleet member
university students and friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is campus24?

    Campus24 is the mobile fleet for hungarian university and college students.

  • Who can access the campus24 mobile plans?

    The campus24 tariff packages (with 2 years loyalty contract) are available for non-Hungarian university or college students older than 18 years, who have a valid Hungarian Student ID Card, a written permission from campus24, an apartment contract on their own name, and a valid passport or ID card.

  • I already have a hungarian mobile phone number. Can I keep it?

    Yes, you can keep it for free. Make sure your current hungarian post-paid tariff's loyalty has expired (if you have one).

  • Where can I buy a campus24 mobile plan?

    You can buy your campus24 tariff (with 2 years loyalty contract) in all local Vodafone stores, but first you must have a permission from campus24 to access the tariffs. You can buy this permission on the campus24 website after the authentification. Before buying the permission make sure you have a valid Hungarian Student ID Card, an apartment contract on your own name, and a valid passport or ID card. You will need all these stuff to buy your campus24 mobile plan in a Vodafone store.

  • Why I must authenticate myself to see the plans?

    The offer is indicative, and is only for university and college students, who can authenticate themselves with a valid Hungarian Student ID Card.

  • What if I finish the university?

    Campus24 tariffs are only available with 2 years loyalty contract, so make sure you will study in Hungary for at least 2 years.

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